What gives one the opinion that there is reason to choose Donald J Trump over any other candidate for President in the year 2016?

Donald J. Trump has stated that the relocation of refugees and the mass migration of those of other countries should meet the desire to live in peace and harmony in this country without causing fear to the citizens who already reside within this country.  AKA- they need to be vetted.   These citizens of the world while meeting a need do not necessarily understand or desire to live under the confines of the law of the land of the United States of America. 

We view the country as a strength of multiple cultures coming together to join under the constitution and laws of the land.   Having said this, it is important that those who come to this country need to make efforts to accept those things which are individual to the nation as a whole. 

One of these characteristics is the choice of one law which governs all.  This may be a situation where their faith, culture, or religion may have to take a second place in their life.  While we do understand that those do affect the person the adherence to the law of the land must supersede in order to provide a safe haven for all.

There is no room in this nation for those who would bring a new form of law to overthrow this standing constitution and law.

Lack of Knowledge of the law is no excuse for breaking the law.

While over the course of the last 200 plus years there have been efforts to make adjustments to the laws.  These adjustments were taken on with great discourse and not at the whim of one person or another.    The law of the land is therefore, understood to be the ultimate authority governing all states and localities.  There is no separation of the state and the law. 

While this is especially important in the arrival of new legal immigrants to the United States to understand. It is also vital that it is supported by all citizens that the law of the land is the law by which we live in peace and harmony with one another.

When those laws are found to be in need of addressing for change, that change has a direction with which the citizens view must be reviewed and counted as a founding part of the creation of a new law or an existing law which is unduly unjust.  The constitution of the United States should not be altered to afford a change of the view that the law of the land stands second to any person, religion, culture, minority or majority and maintain the security and sovereignty of this nation.  This is the cause of the need for a voice for citizens that moves beyond the daily life on to the center of the political seat of the country, Washington, D.C.