Why should people of the United States be supporting Donald J. Trump for President?

This election there are multiple questions as to why the citizens are up in arms.  Some of those asking say it is a result of anger. 

WE disagree, it is not anger.

It is a deep, heart felt desire to keep this country from falling into further socialistic moves.

How could we even suggest that our country is less than great? 

WE drive down the country roads, we cross the dangerously weakened bridges, WE watch as more and more jobs are taken from citizens and given to people who we are told are better educated than US citizens.   

WE live in the greatest country!  The beauty of this country stands strong beside all other countries in the world. The great Grand Canyon is amazing, but it is also historic and has the history of distant occupants written on the very stones which continue to exist there.   WE can drive across our country without continuous stops for proof that we are citizens.  WE can fly within the states and know that we are as much a part of that destination as we are in our homes.  Yes, this is indeed a Great Nation today.  But our great nation is under attack from within the very houses that are supposed to be protecting it.

Our Presidential house has become a tyrannical change of our freedoms and individualities as well as a great loss of our first amendment rights which protect our right to worship the God above.  Our Presidential pen has written changes without approval of the balances of the Supreme Court and the Congress and House of Representatives which was established to assure that the great experiment had checks and balances and held no KING or Single Authority that would otherwise affect the safety and welfare of this Great Experiment. 

Our Senators and Representatives, while making promises on the campaign trail fail to protect us through standing in opposition to a Tyrannical force that they fear for their jobs.   All the while accepting great payments in opposition to the directives of the citizens but in behalf of super powerful corporations, colleagues and other countries.

Our Media, which is supposed to provide information without bias is now owned by super powers which would not allow truth to be shared across the country to allow greater control of the people and the citizens.

Our borders are no longer enforced, but those assigned there are told by our representatives are told to stand down, do not stop anyone friend or foe from entering.   Allowing our streets to become war zones.  Our beautiful great cities are now zones of fear and our citizens are preparing for self-protection on a level unknown for a hundred years.  Each year the number of illegal immigrants grows.  These illegal citizens are causing citizens to lose housing, to lose food, to lose income, to lose scholarships, to lose the national support and recognitions that should be theirs but are falling to the privileged non-citizen.