Should the Delegates Vote Against their Conscience?

So now we have a continued effort to stop the voice of the people.

Conscientious objection.

How does Vocal Citizens feel about this new proposal that is being forwarded in the national news forums?

If you conscientiously object, we agree with Paul Ryan, it would be unconscionable to force someone to go against their own conscience.

It would be something they would have to come to terms with prior to the election, prior to the convention and prior to the gathering of citizens who are elected to stand in their place. If you are a conscientious objector, don’t go into the battle.

As a delegate, your responsibility is no longer your conscious. You accepted the responsibility to set your personal conscious aside and represent the people of your district, county or state.  If you have the inability to do the job, do not accept the job!   Your job as a delegate is to represent the citizens who have accepted you as their representative to a term of service.

Now, if the person that you anticipated going to support is no longer on the ballot you must choose to follow the direction of your conscious by asking…  What would those who trusted you say to you?  This is your opportunity to stand for what you believe that your citizens would have chosen since the ideal is not available.   Don't go to the convention should you be unable to answer this question with an absolute certainty! Allow an alternate to take your seat and position who is willing to follow the choice of the people.   It is the responsibility of the delegate to stand for those citizens who voted and chose a certain person. It is not an option to go to the convention and choose for all those people who sent you. IF you go to the bank to make a deposit for your employer and conscientiously object to something your employer does, do you make the deposit? You better! You will lose your job, you could be arrested, and you could be in big trouble with all those other employees who do not conscientiously object to the issue.