The Voice of the people needs to be heard, and have a place.

This is that place

A place where they can speak openly, and with class. Where the people's opinions can be heard. Where they can be read without fear for your children learning new curse words.

This is where opinion pieces will be added regarding the state of our lives, our issues, our hopes and our dreams.

The Staff will review submissions and approved articles will be added to The Voice Section. Keep the language clean if you want to be approved.

By submitting an article or an opinion, every word becomes the property of Vocal Citizens, and Vocal Citizens can use it to forward the Issues the people are supporting without further compensation.

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Where it behooves the reader to understand that the subject/subjects listed in the following articles are about the issues which are of great concern to the citizen at large in the United States of America.

The option exists to the politician to offer response through submission of refute to the article to the PAC.  

ALL replies will be reviewed for appropriate and accurate facts when available to the PAC.