Walls Have Always Protected Countries

It is Anti-American to Oppose the Wall

The Old Adage Says Good Fences Make Good Neghbors

Walls have always been a symbol of authority, power, and separation

         While many would have us believe that boundaries are no longer good in this world, and that America has always accepted all comers, neither of these things are true, even in their own view.

            Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have invested approximately $25 million of American Taxpayer money to build a wall in Tunisia, so it must not be such an obsolete and outdated concept. Hillary herself used to believe in strengthening our border fences. Listen. and to this, where she tries to play both sides

            In fact, Mexico, who has been complaining about Donald Trump's concepts has some of the harshest governmental regulations to prevent illegal immigration in their country. So despite the protestations that they would not pay for the wall, they themselves have built strong southern borders.

Mexican Immigration Laws

    In Truth, they aren't opposed to the wall for any reason that is good for American Citizens. Opposition to the wall is about pushing forward a globalist agenda, and weakening our country's defense network. Without a wall, drug trade prospers, and criminals can escape prosecution by running across the border.

     Donald Trump wants America to be put first again, and embrace a strong national identity again. His plans go against the political agenda of the past 2 decades towards globalism. Globalism's ideals are that nations are no longer needed, and people are simply citizens of the world. The implementation of policies along this line have cost Americans thousands of jobs and left more people unemployed and impoverished here than America has ever known before.

      Building a wall goes against these ideals, because it means that America feels it is better as a sovereign nation. It radiates that America is STRONG and VITAL. The wall signals to the world an end of globalism, and a strong national identity coming back to America. It also clearly states that Mexico, Canada, and the United States of America are SEPARATE COUNTRIES with separate walls.

      If you are not proud to be an American, then you would oppose the wall. If you are proud to be an American, let's build a testament to that glorious nation!  A tribute that can become as powerful a statement as the Great Wall of China and as recognized as Our Lady Liberty!!!!  Make it Massive, make it Beautiful, and make it Strong, with a big welcoming door for LEGAL Immigrants.