The Promise of Lady Liberty Continues and should not be sullied!

The Lady has always welcomed LEGAL Immigrants.

Don't Forget, Ellis Island was a Registration Hub as well!

Never Forget, Illegal Immigrants are BY DEFINITION Criminals!!!

Becoming American citizens is a great Honor and privilege given to those who earn it, and should not just be given to those who try to steal it.

Legal Immigration requires acknowledging a desire to integrate into the American culture, to become one of us. Too many today think that an open door policy of just letting everyone in was commonplace, but that has never been true. A willingness to integrate into our culture and melt into American society has always been expected.

There has always been a process to become an American, and it has always been difficult. The idea being that at the end of the process each of these new citizens would love the country as powerfully as we do and respect it's laws. If you are here illegally now, go turn yourself in and start the legalization process or get out.

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     Deporting Illegal Immigrants is not cruelty, it is common sense. An illegal immigrant does not cherish our rule of law, they are criminals. Being undocumented is not a victim-less crime, it is a terrible affront to all law abiding Americans. An undocumented person has not committed a single crime, their entire existence is filled with crimes. They criminally falsify their lives in countless ways. Whether it is through forged documents (a felony), or working under the table for cash (a crime by the business owner) these people ignore the laws, evade taxes, and steal opportunities and resources from American citizens.

     In fact, the current behavior in this regard is too lax, once an illegal alien is discovered, they ought to be imprisoned from that moment until their hearing. If someone ignores the law in something so simple as immigration, how many other laws will they choose to ignore?  Lawlessness is ABSOLUTELY UN-AMERICAN!!

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Vocal Citizens is not opposed to a path of amnesty allowing people an opportunity to become citizens who have come illegally, but it necessitates these people completing a citizenship program during their incarceration for their crimes against this country, and can be done while awaiting a deportation hearing.

This incarceration may not necessarily require jail time for the non-violent offenders. House arrest is a possibility during this time, assuming the family can afford to care for themselves without government assistance and without employment during the process, and under government surveillance 24-7.

An illegal immigrant has no right to vote, no right to employment, and absolutely no right to government assistance programs. They are criminals.