The Founding Fathers did NOT create the 2nd amendment for recreation, personal defense, or hunting. although all of these things are wonderful and should be protected. It was created for us to protect liberty from all enemies both Foreign and Domestic.

This includes our government. They should not make any attempt to prevent American Citizens from possessing Any weapon that might be necessary in the objective of maintaining our Liberty!

Our right to own firearms is so that we can defend our liberties from anyone who wants to take them away... citizens should have the right to any and all weapons available to our military in the case that the enemy of our liberty ever is our own government.

        ANY ENEMY of any of our rights is the very reason we have the right to bear arms. It is the right that helps us protect all others.

        Our Founding fathers lived through a time when the crown oppression was severe and they never wanted government of the people, by the people, and for the people to be lost through entrusting the wrong people with the power to govern.

          This was born out of the same logic as a separation of powers in government into 3 separate but equal branches (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial).  It fills a need to be able keep the power of the government in the hands of the American citizens. A government or any official that wants to take guns out of the hands of American citizens should be distrusted.

Gun Rights Statement