Congratulations to President Elect Donald J. Trump!!!! Let's Work together and DRAIN the SWAMP!!!

SUPER PAC Helping Forward the Movement As Trump Goes to Washington!!!

Let's Bring Light to Washington and Put AMERICA FIRST!!!

When We Put America First, the Sky is Just The Beginning of What we can Achieve!!!!!

Vocal Citizens is a Super PAC committed to helping the voice of the people be heard.  Donald Trump is clearly the people's choice for the Republican Nominee, and Vocal Citizens wants to help him become the next President of The United States of America. We are here to give American Citizens a voice!!!! Once this is accomplished, continuing on to Washington where Vocal Citizens will help the Senators and Representatives remember to serve the People of This Country, and not just their own self interests.


With your help, the future can be brighter than anything we can even imagine!!!

Flag on The Moon

We The People, The origin of ALL of the Government's Power and Authority in this country, will step up and do what is necessary that our voices are not drowned out!

We the People, the American CITIZENS, are the holders of the reins of governmental power And We The People can fund the man's candidacy who will Fight for US!!!

Flag by the Ocean

Vocal Citizens believes in our rights, given by our forefathers, not at random, but as a defense against the government once again trying to wrest power out of the hands of the people!!! Donald Trump will champion our rights, and recognizes that His Presidency would make him OUR Champion.


Our basic rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and our right to bear arms are the foundation of the Citizens holding the government in Check!!!! When those rights are infringed upon by the government, it is usually an effort to subjugate the Citizenry. In this country, it is the GOVERNED, not the governors, who hold the most power. Donald Trump understands this, and this is why Vocal Citizens will support his candidacy and his presidency.


It is the responsibility of the government to ensure the freedom of it's citizens and protect American Citizens Rights and Ability to Pursue Our Individual Happiness. When the government is focused upon restricting or eliminating our rights, or interfering with the Pursuit of Happiness, it is the responsibility of the GOVERNED AMERICAN CITIZENS to Speak out against such injustice.  Vocal Citizens is the logical embodiment of that call to action! Join Us, donate today, and let's Put AMERICA FIRST AGAIN empowering our great nation to once again be the beacon on the hill the world aspires to!!!